Teaching Guides

A library of resources for teaching in museums

The examples here reflect a variety of approaches in teaching with art at Smart Museum. Although each were developed for a particular class, these illustrate different ways to integrate artwork into the classroom.

Interested in designing your own activity? We are here to collaborate with you and can provide support. To start this conversation, please contact feitlercenter@uchicago.edu.

Sample Teaching Guides

Sense. Connect. Interpret. Activity Sheet (PDF)
Developed by Christopher Allison for “Reading Cultures”

Museum Scavenger Hunt Prompts (PDF)
Developed by Benjamin Morgan for “Media Aesthetics”

Framing questions and prompts (PDF)
Developed by Andrea Ford for “Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations”

Assignment Questions (PDF)
Developed for “Readings in World Literature II:  Autobiography/Writing the Self”

Prompts connecting Meleko Mokgosi: Bread, Butter, and Power and Karl Marx (PDF)
Developed by Ben Zdencanovic and Issa Lampe for “Self, Culture, and Society”