Archive of academic exhibitions

The Mellon Program

Prior to the founding of the Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry, the Mellon Program spurred new scholarship and strengthened connections between the University of Chicago and the Smart Museum. 

Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the program allowed University faculty and students to work in tandem with the Smart’s curatorial team to develop thematic exhibitions based on the Smart Museum’s extensive collection. Related courses or seminars, exhibition catalogues, faculty grants, and public programs were an integral part of the Mellon program as well.

Archive of Mellon Exhibitions

with Larry Norman

Objects and Voices: A Collection of Stories
with multiple faculty members, graduate students, and alumni

Imaging/Imagining: The Body in Art
with Mindy Schwartz and Brian Callender

Interiors and Exteriors: Avant-Garde Itineraries in Postwar France
with Jennifer Cohen and Marin Sarvé-Tarr

Wings, Speed, and Cosmic Dominion in Renaissance Italy
with Iva Olah

Awash in Color: French and Japanese Prints
with Chelsea Foxwell

After the Readymade
with Christine Mehring

The Tragic Muse: Art and Emotion, 1700–1900
with Glenn W. Most, Sarah Nooter, and Thomas Pavel

The “Writing” of Modern Life: The Etching Revival in France, Britain, and the U.S., 1850–1940
with Elizabeth Helsinger

Looking and Listening in Nineteenth-Century France
with Martha Ward

GRAPHIKÉ: Writing/Drawing in the Ancient World
with Glenn Most and Richard Neer

One/Many: Western American Survey Photographs by Bell and O'Sullivan
with Joel Snyder

Paper Museums: The Reproductive Print in Europe, 1500–1800
with Rebecca Zorach

The Painted Text: Picturing Narrative in European Art
with Frederick de Armas

Sacred Fragments: Magic, Mystery, and Religion in the Ancient World
with Ian Moyer

Confronting Identities in German Art: Myths, Reactions, Reflections
with Reinhold Heller

A Well-Fashioned Image: Clothing and Costumes in European Art, 1500–1850
with Elissa Weaver

The Theatrical Baroque
with Larry Norman

Pious Journeys: Christian Devotional Art and Practice in the Later Middle Ages and Renaissance
with Linda Seidel

The Place of the Antique in Early Modern Europe
with Ingrid Rowland

Weimar Bodies: Fantasies About the Body in Weimar Art, Science, and Medicine
with Sander Gilman