Victors and Victims: Artists’ Responses to War from Antiquity through the Vietnam Era

This booklet details the exhibition Victors and Victims, which examined war as artistic subject matter throughout history.

The works, ranging from the heroic images of antiquity, to the Romantic glorification of the Napoleonic warrior, to the victims and devastation of modern warfare, portray both the artistic conventions as well as the social and political circumstances of a particular time.


Bedorah Bathon, Adrienne Kochman, Amy Merritt Rule, Laura Satersmoen, and Stefanie Siegel with contributions by Lia Alexopoulos, Diane Discenza, Margaret Drewyer, Diane Homan, Linda Moses, Deborah Newman, Deborah Soderlund, and Andrea Swanson

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19 pages, black and white illustrations

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