The Classical Collection

The Classical collection at the Smart Museum of Art consists of approximately eight hundred pieces, including large-scale statuary and floor mosaics, vases, figurines, coins, lamps, and other utensils.

The first extensive study of the Smart's Classical collection, this catalogue presents a selection of the museum's antiquities and provides a historiographical introduction that traces the formation of the collection in relationship to the pedagogical ideas of the University of Chicago.

Some of the objects have been published before, but most have not. Among the latter are pieces of substantial scholarly and artistic interest, such as the Archaic bronze basin of Near Eastern manufacture said to come from a Cumaean grave; Attic Lekythos in Six's Technique with the earliest representation of Pan with Eros; and the portrait of a child with a "Horus lock," which joins the short list of such images of children dedicated to Dionysus.


Edited by Gloria Ferrari, Christina M. Nielsen, and Kelly Olson

Publication date

May 1999


Paper, 226 pages, 19 color plates, 238 black and white images



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