This catalog, along with the exhibition, was the culmination of a University of Chicago interdisciplinary course in art, art history, and gender studies that investigated the practices, paradigms, and aesthetics of contemporary portraiture.

The course also explored the role of seeing in knowledge production, identity formation, and visual education. Space/Sight/Self was the collaborative result of students' research and thinking about these issues.

The catalog includes artists Lynn Barlow, Dawoud Bey, Brett Bloom, Alice Hargrave, Jurgen Mayer Hermann, Byron Kim, Nina Levitt, Ana Mendieta, Holly Rittenhouse, Inez van Lamsweerde, and Francesca Woodman.


Essays by Laura Letinsky and Elizabeth Bloom with contributions by Catherine Cooper, Jasmine Davila, Liv Gjestvang, Tony Neuhoff, Anna Pomykala and Liza Siegler 

Publication date

July 1999


Paper, 76 pages, 11 color plates, 11 black and white images



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