Pious Journeys: Christian Devotional Art and Practice in the Later Middle Ages and Renaissance

As a component of one of the Smart's Mellon projects, this catalogue was the culmination of a University of Chicago course on medieval pilgrimage held in conjunction with the exhibition Pious Journeys.

Co-written by art history professor Linda Seidel and her students—both graduate and undergraduate—the essays in this catalogue consider the central role objects and images played in Western European Christians' spiritual journeys. The texts investigate imagery's critical role in the development of personal devotions, in the organization of liturgical worship, and practices surrounding the institution of the Eucharist and the cult of saints.


Linda Seidel with contributions by Jennifer Sarene Berg, Sienna Brown, Wen-shing Lucia Chou, Melati Lucille Granucci, Todd Anthony Komoroski, Stephanie Leitch, Ann Marie Lonsdale, Risham Majeed, Anna Ohly, Pamela Raboy, Stefania Rosenstein, and Matthew Shoaf

Publication date

February 2001


Paper, 90 pages, 8 color plates, 53 halftones



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