Looking to Learn

This book accompanied the exhibition organized by graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Chicago's course Visual Pedagogies.

Under the direction of Professors Linda Seidel and Katherine Taylor, students researched the history of the University by addressing the ways in which objects, artifacts, and images have been collected, deployed, and displayed in teaching, research, and other forms of representation. The catalogue challenges the decontextualized approach to images and learning by setting ritual, functional, and intentionally aesthetic objects side by side, together with inventories, technical viewing devices, photographs of ceremonial practices deploying the objects, printed materials representing them, and records and fragments of some of the environments to which they have belonged.

The catalog features historical photographs and memorabilia of the University of Chicago.


Linda Seidel and Katherine Taylor

Publication date

January 1999


Paper, 64 pages, 41 black and white figures



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