A community of learning

The CoCre8 project was launched in 2013 by the Smart in collaboration with Arts + Public Life, the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, and Urban Gateways.

This experimental model of collaborative arts education brings together a cohort of high school students and educators, artists, and arts administrators to look at, talk about, and make art.

Each participant is an equal stakeholder in the process, contributing their unique skills and perspectives to the work of dismantling traditional learning hierarchies and embracing multiple roles as learner, teacher, and maker. Collectively, participants explore the many ways in which art can help us think critically and creatively about our world.

The CoCre8 program takes place outside of school hours at the Smart Museum, the nearby Arts Incubator in Washington Park, and the Logan Center for the Arts.

There is no set curriculum. Each cohort chooses the theme they want to investigate inspired by works at the Smart Museum and, ultimately, to connect with their own lives. Participants create a work of art together and present the final projects to family, friends, colleagues, and school communities during an exhibition at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park.

To learn more, contact Michael Christiano, Deputy Director and Curator of Public Practice, Smart Museum of Art.