School Visits & Partnerships

Plan a field trip

Please note—we’ve reached capacity for fall 2019 tours, please connect with us for information about future opportunities

Tours at the Smart Museum kickstart a tailored journey into the world of ideas.  

Facilitated by our community of expert docents, tours are participatory and experiential. Students explore exhibitions to collectively ask big questions and collaboratively find meaning in the artworks. Tours are designed to allow students to shine by drawing upon their interests and insights.

Connecting to course work

Museum staff will coordinate with classroom teachers ahead of time to ensure that the tour experience makes the most relevant connections to course work. All tours are created to be as inspiring as possible, inviting students to be active participants in their own learning and to open new ideas sparked by the experience with art.

A tour at the Smart Museum is a first toward deeper partnership opportunities, including school residency programs and collaboratively designed school engagements.