Gallery Visit

Teaching with our exhibitions

The Smart Museum’s galleries can be used as a classroom for University groups from all disciplines, through guided or self-guided visits.

Co-Taught Classes
The Feitler Center’s staff of art historians have special pedagogical training to build discussions that thoughtfully connect artwork to specific themes and learning objectives. If you are interested in receiving such support, please start a conversation with us at least two weeks in advance of your visit.
To start a conversation about a co-taught gallery visit, please contact

Self-Guided Tours
The Smart Museum is free and open to all. You are welcome to bring your class during regular hours (Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–5pm, with additional evening hours until 8pm on Thursday). To ease comfort and accessibility, classes are welcome to use a set of gallery stools provided by the Museum. Our rotating special exhibitions regularly offer new ways to integrate artwork into your curriculum.

To start a conversation about a self-guided gallery visit, please contact