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Teaching Race, Teaching Visual Culture

Join the Race and Pedagogy Working Group and the Smart Museum of Art as we work together to develop concrete strategies for productively teaching race and visual culture. 

If asked, many of us would say that using visual media in the college classroom to facilitate discussions around race and identity is a good idea. After all, as denizens of the digital age, both students and instructors can be expected to know something about the way images affect how we see the world—not to mention how the world sees us, how we see ourselves. Certainly, this is one of the many good reasons for teaching visual media alongside race—it is useful to create bridges between students’ experiences outside the classroom and the topics at hand. However, teaching visual culture and race presents unique challenges for instructors. How might we lead students through the complex intersections of personal experience and scholarly understanding that often arise in conversations about imagery?

This workshop is designed for those teaching at the college level. Space is limited, so please register in advance.

Sponsored by the University of Chicago’s Chicago Center for Teaching, UChicagaoGRAD Diversity + Development, and the Center for Race, Politics and Culture.