UChicago Hong Kong campus art collection

last edited on Fri. November 30 2018

The University of Chicago’s new campus in Hong Kong has a collection of global art to match its global mission. 

Integrated into the complex's common spaces are works by 14 contemporary artists, including the Chicago-based Barbara Rossi, Miyoko Ito, and Jim Lutes. 

Orianna Cacchione, the Smart Museum's Curator of Global Contemporary Art, worked with Canice Prendergast, W. Allen Wallis Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, who also oversees the Chicago Booth art collection, to select and install the works throughout the new The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong, which formally opened on November 30

In addition to the Chicago artists (each of whom has had solo exhibitions on the University’s main campus), the collection features works dating between 1958 and 2018 by 11 artists from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Pakistan. Highlights include a new piece by Hong Kong-based artist Andrew Luk that makes use of aluminum rubbings to document heritage architecture and other surfaces within the University’s Hong Kong complex, a defiantly non-representational foam and wood assemblage by Liu Wei, and a pop-infused collage from postwar Japan by self-trained artist Kimiyo Mishima. Other works respond to the architectural landscape of China, the role of paper in the age of digital record keeping in Asia, and the currency wars of the 1990s. 

The works are on permanent display. The campus also houses a heritage interpretation center, which offers the public permanent and rotating exhibitions about the historic layers of the Mount Davis site and the history of Hong Kong more broadly.


  • Barbara Rossi (Chicago)
  • Miyoko Ito (Chicago)
  • Jim Lutes (Chicago)
  • Andrew Luk (Hong Kong)
  • Pak Sheung Chuen (Hong Kong)
  • Cui Jie (China)
  • Xu Qu (China)
  • Li Yuan Chia (China)
  • Lui Wei (China)
  • Yukio Mishima (Japan)
  • Haegue Yang (Korea)
  • Imran Qureshi (Pakistan)
  • Rasheed Araeen (Pakistan)
  • Dayanita Singh (India)
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