Academic Inquiry

Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry

Through the Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry, the Smart engages with faculty and students to integrate object-driven inquiry into the intellectual life of the University of Chicago. 

The Feitler Center fosters new opportunities for rigorous inquiry, advances interdisciplinary scholarship, and supports the University's core commitment to free and open discourse by making object-driven inquiry accessible to all disciplines at every level of study. It provides an academic resource for UChicago students, artists, and faculty and is a destination for scholars and community members to engage in interdisciplinary research, learning, and conversations driven by the study and experience of original works of art.

The Feitler Center was established in 2018 and is named for Joan and Robert Feitler in recognition of a $5 million gift and decades of service to the University and the arts.


For more information or to discuss ideas for integrating objects into teaching and scholarship at the University, please contact Issa Lampe. To schedule a visit to the study room, please contact Berit Ness