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Live from the Gallery: A Fond Farewell from the Front Lines

Brenden Heiberger, Smart Museum Gallery Attendant, Student at the University of Chicago


As a gallery attendant, I am exposed to the works in the museum for a very, very, very long time. The works in Adaptation were no exception. Though I may never want to hear the voice of Jim Morrison again, I am sad to see Guy Ben-Ner’s “Wild Boy” leave the museum. From 3rd graders to the elderly, the piece seemed to illicit wonderful reactions from all the patrons and kept the experience of watching it entertaining and fresh for me (even though I have watched/heard it about 1,000 times). The clear narrative throughout the piece makes it easily accessible, but its ability to connect with the patrons lies within its general themes of parenting and childhood. Kids enjoy the comedy and fun that Amir Ben-Ner appears to be having, and adults relate to the seemingly accurate likening of parenting to the taming a wild beast. I myself am drawn to the adorable bunnies.

I hope the piece continues to entertain patrons and provoke discussion, and I hope that the works that replace it can do the same. But for the time being, I will enjoy the silence of the Smart Museum.

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