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Past Exhibitions : 1990

The Sigmund Freud Antiquities: Fragments from a Buried Past

April 19–June 17, 1990

Selections from Sigmund Freud's personal collection of Egyptian, Greek and Roman, and Oriental antiquities.

The Drawn Image

July 11–August 25, 1990

Drawings by Lynn Chadwick, Alberto Giacometti, Julio Gonzales, Joan Miro, George Grosz, Jose Clemente Orozco, Henry Moore, and Helen Saunders demonstrated the variety of techniques and applications that make drawing a vital aspect of these modern artists' work.

MFA 1990

July 12–August 26, 1990

Paintings, sculpture, and installations by Gary Cannone, Jill Glick, Raina Grigg, Kathy Rice, Brian Ritchard, Deb Vandenbroucke, and Libby Wadsworth.

Leaves from the Bodhi Tree: The Art of Pala India (8th-12th Centuries) and Its International Legacy

October 9–December 2, 1990

More than 100 objects created in India during the medieval Pala period and in the many Asian centers under the influence of the Pala rulers.

Devotion and Performance: Traditional Uses of Visual Form in South Asia

October 9–December 16, 1990

An exhibition of twelve Indian devotional images.