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News and stories at the Smart.

Paintings and Evidence

last edited on Wed. March 18 2015

Erwin Panofsky on the fifteenth-century German panel titled Royal Saint with Ring in the Smart Museum's collection

The Gift of Art

last edited on Wed. February 25 2015

Gifts constitute one of the most important ways that an art museum’s collection is sustained and increased over time. However, visitors to a museum rarely have access to the individual stories behind those gifts of art.

The Naked and the Dead

by Kerry James Marshall

last edited on Fri. February 20 2015

Kerry James Marshall on the works he selected for his Objects and Voices micro-exhibition

40th Anniversary Cornucopia

by Anthony Hirschel, Dana Feitler Director, Smart Museum of Art

last edited on Thu. January 29 2015

Objects and Voices celebrates the remarkable variety of partners with whom the Smart Museum works and the various perspectives they bring to the table

The Museum Proposition

last edited on Sun. December 14 2014

What is the one thing that must sit at the heart of an engaged art museum?

How to Study Smart

last edited on Thu. December 4 2014

With finals looming at the University of Chicago, here is some throwback advice on how to study from Coronet Instructional Films

Behind the Mask

by Alice Kain, Assistant Registrar and Coordinator of Academic Initiatives

last edited on Mon. December 1 2014

Roger Brown and the George Veronda Collection at the Smart Museum.

The Impact of a Collection

by Anthony Hirschel, Dana Feitler Director, Smart Museum of Art

last edited on Thu. November 20 2014

Every work of art entering the Museum’s collection has an impact, shaping conversations about art and our world and providing scholars important tools for teaching and research.

Material Study

by Michael O'Malley

last edited on Tue. November 11 2014

Over the past year, researchers from the Northwestern University–Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS) analyzed the elemental compositions of 23 sculptures from the Smart’s collection.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

by Michael O'Malley

last edited on Thu. October 30 2014

On October 29, 1971, four speeches were given at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Smart Gallery and the Cochrane-Woods Art Center