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Galleries closed Jan 2–28

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On Revolution Every Day

Revolution Every Day books

The Seminary Co-op hosts Revolution Every Day co-curators Robert Bird, Zachary Cahill, and Christina Kiaer for a discussion about the exhibition catalogue. 

At 4:30 pm, before the talk, the co-curators will lead a tour of the exhibition. The galleries will remain open until 5:45 pm. 

FREE, open to all. Join in and share the event on Facebook »

Revolution Every Day: A Calendar

This unique, small format book is inspired by the tradition of Soviet tear-off calendars. It has 365 calendar pages with daily entries featuring a range of images and texts drawn from primary and archival source materials that explore the historical and experiential dimensions of revolution. It presents multiple short essays and other original contributions from the curators, artists, and scholars, accompanied by full color illustrations of all of the works in the exhibition.

Published by the Smart Museum of Art in collaboration with Mousse.