A Well-Fashioned Image: Clothing and Costume in European Art, 1500–1850

Fashion—the question of what to wear and how to wear it—is a centuries-old obsession.

Beyond superficial concerns with personal appearance, the history of dress points to deep preoccupations surrounding social order, national identity, and moral decency. A Well-Fashioned Image investigates clothing from these various perspectives. This catalogue features an introduction by exhibition co-curators Elizabeth Rodini and Professor Elissa B. Weaver and essays from University of Chicago students.


Edited by Elizabeth Rodini and Elissa B. Weaver with contributions by Kristen Ina Grimes, Jennifer Haraguchi, Sarah Patricia Hill, Jessen Kelly, Margaret E. Kern, Meredith Kennedy Ray, Rachel Walsh Urquhart, and Sabine Wieber

Publication date

October 2002


Paper, 128 pages, 8 color plates, 63 halftones



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