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Upcoming Exhibitions

Resurgence and Innovation: Artists’ Inspiration in Nineteenth-Century France

December 12, 2017 to March 18, 2018

Organized by several UChicago students, this exhibition explores the eclectic range of sources and precedents that served as inspiration for nineteenth-century artists in France. 

Selections from a History of Modernism

December 12, 2017 to March 18, 2018

This exhibition of abstract paintings and works on paper from the 1940s and 1950s serves as a primary source for a University of Chicago Art History course.

The History of Perception

January 9 to April 22, 2018

This exhibition explores questions of perception and bodily sensation in connection to a course offered through the University of Chicago’s Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge.

South Side Stories: Rethinking Chicago Art, 1960–1980

September 13, 2018–December 30, 2018

During the 1960s and 1970s, Chicago was shaped by art and ideas produced and circulated on the South Side.

Solidary and Solitary: The Pamela J. Joyner and Alfred J. Giuffrida Collection

December 2018–March 2019

Major exhibition tells the history of art by African-American artists, with a particular emphasis on abstraction, from the 1940s to the present moment.