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Upcoming Exhibitions

Kat Coyle, Come Together Blanket

Jayna Zweiman: Welcome Blanket

July 18, 2017–December 17, 2017

A craftivist installation and project by artist, architect, and Pussyhat Project co-founder Jayna Zweiman

Emmanuel Pratt: Radical [Re]Constructions

September 12, 2017 through Summer 2018

Emmanuel Pratt blends art, architecture, and urban agriculture to transform the Smart Museum's threshold.

Olga Chernysheva, March (2005). Courtesy: Diehl, Berlin; Pace, London; Foxy Production, New York.

Revolution Every Day

September 14, 2017–January 14, 2018

Presented on the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, this exhibition immerses visitors in the distinct textures and speeds of everyday life that arose—and have lingered stubbornly—in the wake of revolutionary upheaval.

Auguste Rodin, Titan 1, 1879–1880

The Hysterical Material

September 14, 2017–December 17, 2017

This exhibition investigates the emotional possibility of material in works by Auguste Rodin and Bruce Nauman.

Enjaku, Actor as Architect, c. 1858

The Other Side: Osaka Prints from the Brooks McCormick, Jr. Collection

February 15, 2018–June 10, 2018

This exhibition examines the flourishing production of richly colored prints that took place in Osaka

South Side Stories: Rethinking Chicago Art, 1960 to 1980

September 13, 2018–December 30, 2018

During the 1960s and 1970s, Chicago was shaped by art and ideas produced and circulated on the South Side.