Smart Museum Board of Governors

Pamela Hoehn-Saric, Chair
Gay-Young Cho, Vice Chair
Lorna C. Ferguson, Vice Chair and Treasurer
Robert Feitler, Chairman Emeritus
Richard Gray, Chairman Emeritus

Marilynn B. Alsdorf**
Mrs. Edwin A. Bergman**†
Mareile Cusack
Phyllis Cohen
Susan O. Davis
Robert G. Donnelley
Victoria J. Dorgan
Cynthia Elden
Alan M. Fern**
Sharon Flanagan
Barbara Fosco
Stanley M. Freehling**
Amy L. Gold
Isaac S. Goldman
Jack Halpern**
Neil Harris**
Anthony G. Hirschel*
Jill Ingrassia
William M. Landes
Jill F. Levi
Tom McCormick
Charles H. Mottier
Brien O'Brien
Canice Prendergast*
Mary Smart
Raymond Smart**
Isabel C. Stewart
Michael A. Wyatt**
Lawrence Zbikowski*

* ex officio member
** life member
† deceased

Smart Museum University Advisory Committee

Canice Prendergast, Chair

Leora Auslander
Bill Brown
Theaster Gates
Mary J. Harvey
Anthony G. Hirschel*
Christine Mehring
Jessica Stockholder
Monika Szewczyk
Wu Hung
Lawrence Zbikowski

Anne Leonard, Smart Museum staff liaison

* ex officio member

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Robert M. Barnes, Canto I, 1961

Serial Drawings
July 1–August 31, 2014

This intimate exhibition features unified cycles of drawings by Robert Barnes, Barbara Rossi, and Robert Lucy.

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Campus Construction
Begins June 2014

Construction will soon commence on the University's Campus North Residence Hall. As part of the project, Greenwood Avenue in front of the Smart will be closed to traffic. Please plan your visit accordingly.

Learn more »

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