Smart Museum Board of Governors

Pamela Hoehn-Saric, Chair
Gay-Young Cho, Vice Chair
Lorna C. Ferguson, Vice Chair and Treasurer
Robert Feitler, Chairman Emeritus
Richard Gray, Chairman Emeritus

Marilynn B. Alsdorf**
Kathleen S. Blehart
Bill Brown*
Lawrence Chu
Phyllis Cohen
Mareile Cusack
Robert G. Donnelley
Victoria J. Dorgan
Cynthia Elden
Alan M. Fern**
Sharon Flanagan
Barbara Fosco
Stanley M. Freehling**
Amy L. Gold
Isaac S. Goldman
Jack Halpern**
Neil Harris**
Anthony G. Hirschel*
Jill Ingrassia-Zingales
William M. Landes
Jill F. Levi
Peter Lieb
Tom McCormick
Charles H. Mottier
Brien O'Brien
Canice Prendergast*
Mary Smart
Raymond Smart**
Michael A. Wyatt**
Ann Ziegler

* ex officio member
** life member

Smart Museum University Advisory Committee

Canice Prendergast, Chair

Leora Auslander
Bill Brown
Theaster Gates
Mary J. Harvey
Anthony G. Hirschel*
Christine Mehring
Jessica Stockholder
Wu Hung

Anne Leonard, Smart Museum staff liaison

* ex officio member

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Expressionist Impulses
October 1, 2015–January 10, 2016

Exhibition charts the ebb and flow of key Expressionist tendencies in German and Central European art.

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Biting Satire BBQ

October 8, 5:30–7:30 pm

A satirical BBQ in our sculpture garden, inspired by Expressionist Impulses. Free!

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